• Every year, undernutrition contributes to 3 million child deaths worldwide.
• Every 5 seconds, a child dies of hunger somewhere in the world.
• 1 in 5 children in America struggle with hunger -820 million will go to bed hungry tonight, and 2 billion more don’t know where their next meal is coming from.
• 1.4 billion people could fall into starvation by 2050 if we don’t do something.


Help fight food insecurity and the risk of potential famine. Save the children works around
the world to fight threats to child survival including hunger, poverty, and conflict. Your support
today can help save lives, increase the chances for survival, and to help damaged communities
recover and become more resilient.

Purchase a hoodie -> Provide 45 days of food for a child in Venezuela


”WATER+” is an initiative to provide and link clean water to improve a community. It is about water for agriculture, for livelihoods, for nutrition, for keeping girls in school, for preventing outbreaks, and more. Water+ not only installs wells, builds latrines and promotes soap, but the organization works on making sure that water and sanitation services have good governance, environmental sustainability, and plans for financing and maintenance, Water+ is about linking clean water to other activities so we can make the biggest impact possible.

Purchase a hat -> Provide 6 months of clean water to an individual in Zambia


• 759 million adults worldwide are illiterate and do not have the awareness necessary to improve their living conditions.
• Of the nearly 2 billion youth in the world, one-third are not employed, not in school, and not in formal training for work.
• 55% of the global youth do not finish high school
• If all students in low-income countires gained basic reading skills, 171 million people could escape poverty.
• The likelihood of infant mortality decreases up to 10% for every additional year of schooling a mother receives.


Provide additional education to hard-working young people- helping them gain the skills and knowledge they need for stable, long-term employment and life beyond poverty.
“Education is a powerful driver of development and is one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and improving healthy, gender equality, peace and stability.” -The World Bank.

Purchase a T-shirt -> Give a child in Ecuador access to 2 classes for remedial tutoring or computer skills classes.


In 147 countries around the world, UNICEF works to provide quality learning opportunities that prepare children and adolescents with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive. The program provides economic resources for infrastructure for schools, quality teachers, digital learning and technology/ equipment.

Purchase a pair of shorts -> Provide 3 months of school supplies for a student in Democratic Republic of Congo


• Every 39 seconds, a child dies from pneumonia.
• Every day, 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.
• In Sierra Leone, 1 in 17 women will die while giving birth.
• In Sub-Sahara Africa, 1 in 13 children will die before there 15th birthday.


UNICEF is the world’s largest vaccine buyer and vaccinator of 45 percent of the world’s children, with an aim to support low income countries. UNICEF workers brave war zones, treacherous terrain, disasters and disease to make the world safe for kids. UNICEF has helped save more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization.

Purchase a set of loungewear -> Deliver 5 vaccine shots to children in Vietnam


Battle the root cause by provide education on preventable health issues and offering basic health and dental necessities to children in impoverished communities.

Purchase a pair of joggers -> Provide a month of basic healthcare for a child in Pakistan